split with Gas Up Yr Hearse

by Untold Want

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Cover art by Preston Weippert.
Recorded by Todd Wilcox at Halogen Sound Studios.
Listen to the Gas Up Yr Hearse! Side here:


released March 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Untold Want Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Kindling Crystals
you are my sister and i understand.
its them who's fucked up,
not you, not me, not us.
if there was a god he would make
a special hell for fucks like them.
im sorry. fuck.
Track Name: A Forest Of Dead Trees
Last words:
Crawling in vain, left behind
Don't kill me please,
Don't leave me here to die.
We're struggling too, but we don't care
Pumped full of regret until there's nothing left but fear
I stumble, I fall. I'm no one at all.
I call into an empty room,
But my voice just falls dead.
I cry until there's nothing left.
I scream until I spit red.
Track Name: Bitter Hands
Returning to what I think of as my body,
But both are here inside my mind
I want to smash apart the feelings, the hatred
Of my body On high
Dragging the lake with our bitter hands.
Returning to what I think of as my body.
But the body is eternal inside my mind.