by Untold Want

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released February 22, 2014

additional vocals on Amber Teeth by Alex Pace
recorded in roughly 6 hours by Todd Wilcox a Halogen Sound Studios
Cover art by Preston Weippart



all rights reserved


Untold Want Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: North
the lights approaching the left side,
gotta keep it straight now,
or i'll take me with them into the north,
into the cold and the dark heart of the earth.
choirs vibrate through the concrete
ask me to explain my choice.
smoke is thick but i see forever
to a long lost brothers voice
times like these i wish i had.
i'm not going along, i'm going alone.
Track Name: Amber Teeth, Splintered
Rose you close like an outlaw
Crying out, ripped up, disfigured
Light through the paths.
How did we get here?
A progressive occultation of all sincerity.
Vouch saving all the lies
As if we could never die
Lost to the wires intwined
Blood on my fingers and eyes.
But it's not the same,
As we cross the line.
Sebastian calls out again
Across this crisscross patchwork.
Black snow falls on an empty vessel.
Crying out.
Not a single wretched thought has entered my mind
from a place on high
despite all the drugs, and all the dreams.
Take no pity on me.
For I am as I will be
No purity, no shame.
To call it a sin, I can't even begin
To rip the flesh from my concave chest again.
Track Name: A Paper Mantis
I once knew a married couple
Who lived up north
They let me sleep inside on cold nights
Who had the same eyes
Had as Sebastian
Smoking the sun awake again.
You had the same eyes.
My fears and beliefs
All wrapped up in these
And yet I still fear it was my fault.
Months later
In no state to defend you call me out
And I get it.
This burning cash
It's smoke will sour
All we once had.
Without eyes
My brother
Who had the same eyes
Absorbing the rain.
Track Name: Without Reflecting, Shooting Glances Out the Windows
rose, i told once to stay so close.
sebastian, he will return
the forest pleads, "save me from this disease"
silver machines turn leaves stone grey
leaving nothing in your wake.
i lie awake at night and say
to kill the humans is the only way.
im no longer full of a torrent of loss or pain,
im elevated from this world
i take pity everywhere i go now
i am hollow to this world.
i am a fallacy to the waking life
Track Name: Crooked Feathers
birds are circling, channeling frequencies.
a pentagram of bones, seven meters wide.
as the curse with your saffron, with my last fate.
last cause, the chevrons shifting in space.
i am no longer a torrent of loss or pain,
i am hollow to this world.
Track Name: Rain Dance
Death is a gift.